About Uwe


Uwe was born at the 21 of October 1955 in Kassel Germany. Uwe is grown up the longest period as a single child but he had a sister who unfortunately died with the age of 5 with CF (mucoviszidose). Beneath going to school (with not much success and pleasure) Uwe spent his time in reading, hearing music and doing some private study in the chemistry and electro area (including explosive material and other interesting things ...). After this he was educated in a practical profession for working in the telecommunication area for 3 years. After finishing this education he worked for nearly a year in Frankfurt Germany in helping to install the communication equipment at a large German money institute . 

To enhance his knowledge he studied electronics and telecommunication in Kassel and finished as an telecommunication engineer (dipl. degree). 

At this time his love to ride motorcycles developed and since this time a large part of his spare time was spent on the back of different bikes over the years (including some really big journeys about over 10000 km each). The focus was not so much on race bikes than on Off Road driving and touring through foreign countries. Some years he owned a trial bike and loves to work out in the gravel.

His music loving was developed either and his collection of - first LP's and later CD's grows in the following years. A lot of fine concerts were visited. The areas of music interests contains rock, pop, jazz, classic, electronic music, humorous music and avant-garde.

Another Hobby (sometimes melted with the bike hobby) was traveling. Some nice journeys were done - mostly with success (some alone some with partners or even groups). He liked to learn about foreign countries and drove through different - sometimes very beautiful landscapes. 

Traveling was the source of a new occupation in the eighties. Uwe's relatives lives spread over all Germany (at this time east + west), Sweden, Canada and Greece. During some Journeys he get in contact with some of the relatives and found interesting material about his family history. Because some of the people are not very young and the material sometimes has to be translated from the old handwriting (Sutherlin) he thought to be a little in a hurry to collect this material and bring it in some common format in the computer for easier access. Parts of the material will be published on this site.

After working a few years in a small town in hessia in the company former owned by the computer pioneer Konrad Zuse he  moved to Munich in the eighties. With this move Uwe moved to from the hardware to the software development - an area which was growing at this time (and still do). Here (in Munich) the job possibilities were larger and the alps (for biking) are nearer and the cultural offering with concerts are fine. Even it was easier to get rare material for the CD collection.

He  now still lives  in the area of Munich Germany where he finished working for a big IT company after over 37 years. He is not married and preferred to have different flats with his steady dates.