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I have collected the different trees from my ancestors and tried to correct

and translate as much as possible. I got a lot of help from my relatives.

From 1985 to 2003 I had put the data in the FHS program from Mr. Brown .

Family History System Home Page 

At December 2003 I switched to a more modern windows software 

FamilySearch  Personal Ancestral File Version 5.2  with the capability for 

using pictures and do direct conversion to html as well, so I have something to do in the future :-)

Through my searching's I had contact with several helpful people.

Special Thanks to: All of my direct relatives wherever they live.

October 2000: I added some pictures of paintings I got, to the persons entries. For the relation picture to person I'm not always sure (some are educated guesses). So if somebody find errors - please contact me.

fiedler1925.jpg (52527 Byte)    The Fiedler family 1925                     CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

from left to right:

Elisabeth, Edith, Henriette, Ruth, Dr. Ernst, Gerhard, Lonny.

Lonny was my Grandmother - Ernst + Henriette were one of my grand - grand parents.